Michael A. Prittie, CFP, CPCA, CIM, FCSI, CIWM
Portfolio Manager, Senior Financial Advisor

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Portfolio Manager, Michael Prittie

Michael A. Prittie is the Portfolio Manager, Senior Financial Advisor and Branch Manager for the Mandeville Private Client Inc. Associate Office in west Ottawa. Michael and his staff offer clients comprehensive financial and investment services.


About Capital Wealth Partners

We believe that “Integrity – Wisdom – Experience” are what sets us apart. Capital Wealth Partners was founded to offer a full-suite of financial advice and services – Financial and Investment Planning; Retirement Planning; Estate Planning and In-House Tax Services.


Core Values

I provide enhanced wealth creation solutions to successful and genuine seekers of financial advice. I offer principled and proven processes in an impartial professional environment. My aim is to meet your financial goals and exceed your expectations.


Michael's Process

Our mission is to preserve and build clients’ wealth by providing wealth creation services and solutions to individuals, institutions, foundations in a manner that is consistent with the world’s largest and most successful institutional and high net worth investors.


results-based management services

Financial Planning

Reaching your financial goals involves more than choosing the right investments. Often, small steps will make a big difference to your long-term financial health. Having a proven investment strategy that coincides with your financial goals, can make all the difference.


Estate Planning & Risk Management

Whatever your age, whatever the size of your estate, a proper estate plan will ensure that it is passed along as you desire.


Investment Planning

The needs of most investors, simply put, should be to protect and grow your capital, increase the income from that capital, and minimize your taxes. An advisor’s focus is to ensure you achieve what you deem to be important to your long-term well-being.


Tax Planning and Preparation

Many clients realize we process and submit to CRA over 100 client tax returns each year. Beginning in 2005 as a means to provide an additional and convenient service at a reasonable fee.


the five laws of wealth creation

Successful people manage their finances in a specific way. We’ve analyzed and distilled that format to create five specific principles better known as The Five Laws of Wealth Creation.

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Five Tax Tips Outside the Box

Five Tax Tips Outside the Box

Now is the time to plan for tax savings in 2022 and beyond. Combining proven and prudent tax planning with sound investment management can make a big difference to your wealth. Here are five lesser-known tax strategies to help you do just that.

Hedging Your Portfolio: The Importance of Downside Protection

Hedging Your Portfolio: The Importance of Downside Protection

When preparing an asset allocation strategy for your specific objectives, it is important to not let the allure of high returns in “excess” of the benchmark lure you into a portfolio not suited for your risk tolerance. Over the course of your lifetime, your risk aversion in all aspects will continually change, but this is especially true as you near retirement.

Tax Preparation Services With Capital Wealth Partners

Tax Preparation Services With Capital Wealth Partners

As the focus on RRSP season is over, we turn our attention to the current tax season. It is important to note that personal tax returns must be filed by April 30th. We kindly ask that you provide us all documentation at least two weeks prior to the appropriate deadline.

The 1% Solution – A Proven Corporate Insurance Strate

The 1% Solution – A Proven Corporate Insurance Strate

Your company is an operating company or an investment holding company. It has retained profits or surplus cash that is not paid to you, since you do not need the income. Your corporation invests the cash in a balanced portfolio including a traditional fixed income component, which you earmark for your heirs or favourite charity. You want a financial planning strategy that will reduce taxes annually and increase the funds available when you die.

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Your Path To Wellness

Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 6:30 pm!

We are pleased to be joined by our guest speaker Dr. Diana Semjonov, Naturopathic Doctor who will share how to attain your path to wellness. We will discuss how to rejuvenate your health and restore balance. Learn More

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